Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Song - Rabindranath Tagore

My Song

This song of mine
Will wind its music around you
Like the fond arms of love

This song of mine
Will touch your lips
Like a kiss of blessing

When you are alone
It will sit by your side
And whisper in your ears

When you are in a crowd
It will protect you
With it’s strength

My song will be
Like a pair of wings to your dreams
It will fly your heart
To the edge of the unknown

It will be like a faithful star
In the dark of night

My song will sit
In the depths of your soul

And will cary you
Into the heart of things
And when my voice is silent
My song will speak
In your loving heart

I awoke to this on my iPod this morning and it spoke to me of purpose, when we carry our song in our hearts, the world conspires to help us to realise it - but first we have to uncover the song.

Warmth & Love,


From a Gift of Love II - Oceans of Ecstasy
Deepak Chopra and friends present a musical Valentine to Tagore

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